The NNR INCUBATOR is an ongoing developmental playreading series sponsored by New Normal Rep that brings actors, directors, playwrights and audiences together via the internet from all over the country to foster new work from a diverse pool of writers. Our 2022 Rehearsed Reading Series will live-stream on the last Monday of each month!

MON APRIL 25th @7:30 PM EDT

a live-streaming rehearsed reading event

Monday April 25th @7:30pm EDT on YouTube


by Nikkole Salter

Directed by Mary Hodges


Patrice Bell, David Rogers aka D Black,

Melissa Joyner, Chris Berry, Michael Satow,

Jeffrey Bean and Michael Leonard James

Prince George's County, MD, 1859.

Hannah, a relatively contented enslaved woman, has her world rocked when her master dies and she, for the first time, is separated from her family, new husband, and baby. But, just as she begins to lose all hope to ever see her husband and child again, the seceded south falls to the Union, slavery is abolished with the 13th Amendment, and Hannah has the opportunity to put her family back together...if she can find them.


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