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STEP 9 by Jack Canfora


In FALL 2022, New Normal Rep will branch out into the world of theatrical podcasting as it presents the world premiere of the serialized audio play STEP 9 by Jack Canfora starring Jill Eikenberry. 

STEP 9 tells the story of Emily, a woman wrestling with the implications of prosecuting the man who raped her in college 30 years ago. Is she willing to relive the horror of that night in the pursuit of justice? Pressured by both her strong-willed, pragmatic mother and her daughter, a passionate 21-year-old social justice warrior, Emily grapples to balance her need for due process with her emotional well-being.  

Told with raw emotional honesty and surprising moments of humor, STEP 9 confronts our collective sense of justice, the political tensions of three generations of feminists, and the precarious balance between social obligation and self-care. 


We’re proud to bring you this bingeable drama, with seven episodes released over six weeks. However, we need your help to bring STEP 9 to life. Your tax-deductible donation will ensure we can provide the highest quality work for your listening pleasure.

  • A $50 tax-deductible donation will give you access to a live online Q and A with the creative team the night the first two episodes drop

  • A $100 donation will additionally allow you access to a behind the scenes documentary showing how STEP 9 went from the page to the (audio) stage

  • A $250 donation will entitle you to all of the above as well as FREE admission to our next 2023 production

  • A $500+ donation, along with providing all of the above-mentioned perks, will make you a credited Executive Producer of one episode of STEP 9


We’re incredibly excited to bring this new play to you. Please consider becoming a part of our production team by providing some of the necessary funding to make this a project truly worthy of your participation.

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