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Streamed September - October 2021


by Julia Blauvelt

Directed by Heather Arnson


starring Jeffrey Bean,

Kierra Bunch,

Nathaniel P. Claridad,

Ella Dershowitz,

Aaron Matteson,

Nygel D. Robinson,

& Carol Todd

Virtual Technical Director: Adriana Gaviria

Editor: Hiatt Woods

Scenic & Projections Designer: Edward T. Morris

Costume Designer: David C. Woolard

Original Music & Sound Designer: Lindsay Jones

Production Stage Manager: Luke H. Woods


It’s Summer Drinks Night at an average Fifth Avenue hedge-fund and, for the generally isolated back office accountants, the most important night of the year. But when an emergency audit comes crashing down on the team moments before the exodus, networking and free snacks are replaced with panic and chaos. If the gang is to get through the night unscathed, they will have to confront those all-too-avoidable truths that conveniently slip into the shadows of corporate comfort.

FIRE Production
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