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by Jack Canfora

directed by Marsha Mason

starring C.K. Allen, Jill Eikenberry,

Eleanor Handley, Jason O’Connell,

Michael Satow & Carol Todd

Streamed March 4th  –  April 4th 2021

​Several years after tragedy impacted their lives, a family comes together once again for Thanksgiving dinner. While family members struggle to come to terms with residual anger, grief and guilt, Jack Canfora’s thought-provoking play explores how people cope with personal and collective catastrophe. Displaying surprising humor and biting wit, this Jericho, Long Island clan exposes their desperate strategies for resolution and redemption. Jericho is a play about September 11. It is also a traumatic-Thanksgiving-dinner-with-the-family play and a play about being Jewish. Written late in the first decade of the 2000s, Canfora wrote Jericho as an inquiry into America's burgeoning tribalism. More than a decade later, Jericho’s themes of division remain timely in this humorous work that resolves into a meditation on the pains and satisfactions of living after a tragedy.



by Nilo Cruz

directed by Nilo Cruz

starring Florencia Lozano, Gary Perez, Daphne Rubin-Vega, & Jimmy Smits

Streamed April 21st - May 23rd, 2021

Set in 1991, during the Pan American Games in Havana and while the Russians are pulling out of Cuba, this play portrays two sisters, Maria Celia, a novelist, and Sofia, a pianist, serving time under house arrest. Passion infiltrates politics when a lieutenant assigned to their case becomes infatuated with Maria Celia, whose literature he has been reading.


Two Sisters & A Piano


by Nikkole Salter

directed by Awoye Timpo

starring Jeffrey Bean, Melissa Joyner

& Lisa Rosetta Strum

Streamed July 8th - August 8th, 2021

2010, Essex County, NJ.  When Denitra loses the charter school lottery for her daughter, she must find another way to escape from their underperforming neighborhood school. The answer seems like a risk well worth taking, but may end up requiring a bigger sacrifice than she ever could have imagined. Set over a half-century after Brown Versus The Board of Education, LINES IN THE DUST questions how far we've come and more importantly, where we go from here.  (Luna Stage Commission)


Lines In The Dust


by Julia Blauvelt

directed by Heather Arnson

starring Jeffrey Bean, Kierra Bunch,

Nathaniel P. ClaridadElla Dershowitz,

Aaron Matteson, Nygel D. Robinson,

& Carol Todd

Streamed September 30th - October 20th, 2021

It’s Summer Drinks Night at an average Fifth Avenue hedge-fund and, for the generally isolated back office accountants, the most important night of the year. But when an emergency audit comes crashing down on the team moments before the exodus, networking and free snacks are replaced with panic and chaos. If the gang is to get through the night unscathed, they will have to confront those all-too-avoidable truths that conveniently slip into the shadows of corporate comfort.


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